One Critical Issue....
One Integrated Response

We are working to change lives, one child at a time.

Who We Are

The CCAC is a non-profit organization that, together with our partners, is taking a leadership role to advance the way our country understands and addresses child abuse.

  • Alberta Health Services
  • Alberta Justice & Solicitor General
  • Calgary Police Service
  • Children’s Services
  • Royal Canadian Mounted Police

Charting A Bold Path

We work with our partner organizations to provide wrap-around services to assess, investigate, intervene, and support survivors of child abuse while bringing offenders to justice.

With a shared purpose, we are moving forward confidently and strategically to the day when:

  • the issue of child abuse is front and centre;
  • the whole community values and supports the wellbeing of children, youth, and families;
  • all perpetrators are brought to justice;
  • children and families have access to all the support they need in the place where they live; and
  • no child or youth is abused.

A Centre of Excellence

Our team focuses on the most complex, severe, and urgent 15% of cases. This helps ease the workload for front-line service providers who support the other 85% of child intervention cases in Calgary and the surrounding communities.

The power of the CCAC is unleashed through integrated services that provide the right support at the right time. This reduces the long-term impact of trauma and enables children, youth, and families to recover and lead safe, healthy, productive lives.

Our integrated approach is the most efficient method for the teams who investigate and provide resources. It supplies them with a big-picture overview of a survivor’s case and care without needing to collect the same information multiple times, which could re-traumatize the child.

As a result of this approach, we can work more quickly, consistently, and efficiently and with improved communication between organizations. This makes us accountable, allows for fewer mistakes, and helps us stop abuse and bring offenders to justice.

Our Processes