Who Is Involved in the Investigation?

8 out of 10 cases at the CCAC are assessed by a multi-disciplinary team

Forensic Interviewing

When the child is first brought to the centre they will be interviewed by Dr. Sarah MacDonald, or a forensic interviewer from Children’s Services, Calgary Police, or the RCMP about what occurred.

The goal of the forensic interview is to use techniques grounded in science to gather as much accurate and extensive memory recall as possible while limiting the impact of trauma on the child or youth. The memory recall elicited serves as evidence needed to proceed with charges and a criminal case in court.

Video Recording of Interviews

All forensic interviews with children and youth are audio/video recorded. This preserves the victim’s statement and documents exactly what the child said and the demeanour displayed in the interview.

Recording of the interview reduces the number of times a child needs to tell their story, which prevents the victim from having to relive the trauma of the abuse. At the Centre, we strive to have the children and youth interviewed once.

Ensuring the Safety of the Child or Youth

The role of Calgary Police and the RCMP is to investigate and work collaboratively with Children’s Services to ensure the best interest of the child is considered in all steps of the investigation.

Children’s Services plays an active role in the investigative process by working with the team to assess the initial concerns and provide appropriate support and follow-up to the families to ensure the protection, safety, and well-being is met.

The investigation will work with the victim and family to ensure the child or youth is not re-traumatized through the process or exposed to the offender, and that their safety is always made a priority.



of children and youth assessed at the CCAC, know their abuser.


are abused by their own parent(s), or caregiver(s).

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