Together, we show that sharing the responsibility and taking action for the well-being of our children, youth and families is not only possible, it's a promise we will keep

Continuing the journey: Our Strategic Directions

Prevent Abuse

  • Build awareness and knowledge
  • Engage the community
  • Create networks and alliances
  • Enhances parents’ capacity
  • Empower children, youth and families

Champion Leading Practices

  • Continually improve outcomes through evidence-based practice
  • Advance the integrated practice framework
  • Enhance professional training and development
  • Promote a dynamic culture of learning
  • Support staff well-being

Supporting Victims and Enhance Outreach

  • Expand victim support services
  • Increase supports to vulnerable individuals
  • Support children, youth and families where they live
  • Evaluate effectiveness

Establish a Centre of Excellence

  • Strengthen position as a key influence and leader
  • Advance the plan for long-term sustainability
  • Engage and grow government, corporate, educational and community partnerships
  • Enhance organizational culture and identity
  • Promote research

Respect Diversity

  • Engage and support First Nations, Métis and Inuit partners
  • Minimize barriers to access
  • Expand cultural competencies
  • Develop working relationships with ethnic communities


  • Increased community knowledge and awareness of child abuse
  • Improved timeliness in the coordinate assessment and investigation of child abuse cases
  • Increased access to support and therapeutic resources for children, youth and their families
  • Enhances collaboration among partners
  • More efficient and effective use of resources

Our Processes