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Community Partners

Message from Lloyd W. Robertson, Q.C.,
Chief Crown Prosecutor, Calgary Crown Prosecutors' Office:

It is said that a society is judged by how it protects its weakest and most vulnerable members. As a community in the first world, Calgary is a vibrant and cosmopolitan centre in every sense of the word. Recently, Calgary has grown in another important way. It has taken a significant and extraordinary step towards fulfilling its obligations to its most vulnerable members by creating the Child Advocacy Centre. The Calgary Child Advocacy Centre will soon become a strong partner in the fight against child abuse and the damage it causes to our society.  The creation of this state of the art facility will demonstrate the high value Calgarians and Albertans place upon our children, the future of our community

Child abuse is a devastating occurrence that penetrates deep into every aspect of the community. With the establishment of the Calgary Child Advocacy Center, the children of these serious crimes and their families will be given an immediate and comprehensive response.  They will experience professionalism and compassion of the highest quality. 

No one government agency or individual standing alone can completely address this serious societal concern. Together, however, we stand side by side in this community driven effort to make our society a better place for our youngest members.

On behalf of Alberta Justice and the Calgary Crown Prosecutors' Office, I am honoured to serve on the Board of Directors and the Senior Operational Committee for this exciting new Centre. Strong partnerships between Justice, Health, Law Enforcement, and Social Work Professionals have created a bright new future for Calgary and area families.

I look forward to our continuing involvement in this important initiative and to creating better outcomes for children and their families.

Lloyd W. Robertson, Q.C.
Chief Crown Prosecutor
Calgary Crown Prosecutors' Office
Alberta Justice

Message from Bonnie Johnston, CEO, Calgary and Area Child and Family Services Authority, Alberta Human Services

On behalf of the Calgary and Area Child and Family Services Authority (CFSA), I am honoured that the CFSA is an integral part of establishing the Calgary Child Advocacy Centre. It is also my personal honour to serve on the board of directors. It is exciting to be a part of a community-driven initiative where all partners and stakeholders share the common goal to make a difference in the lives of children and families affected by abuse.

Child abuse is a complex issue that has far-reaching and devastating impacts on individuals, families and communities. The Calgary and Area CFSA, through Alberta Human Services, knows the importance of providing effective collaborative services to help children and families impacted by abuse.  We work with the Calgary Police Service, Alberta Health Services, various community groups and agencies to support the children and families we serve in the community.

Calgary and surrounding areas are communities of endless possibilities and when community partners collaborate, it creates innovative and exciting opportunities. The Calgary Child Advocacy Centre is a powerful example of strong partnerships, willing hearts, and experts who will ensure abused children and their families receive the coordinated and comprehensive help they require.

I look forward to realizing the positive outcomes that will be achieved through this compassionate and collaborative model.

Bonnie Johnston
Calgary and Area Child and Family Services

Message from Margaret Fullerton, Vice President, Alberta Health Services 

It's difficult to comprehend that there is a need for the Child Advocacy Centre in the Calgary community. But unfortunately, as the health care team at the Alberta Children's Hospital knows, providing care and treatment to children who are victims of abuse is an important part of the services that we provide.

Since its inception in 1922, the Alberta Children's Hospital has been providing excellence in caring for children and families in Calgary and area communities.  To this day, the hospital, as part of Alberta Health Services (AHS), excels in providing quality care to children and their families, and also in discovering new, innovative and improved ways to do so.

The Child Advocacy Centre is one such way. It offers a new avenue for children and families dealing with abuse to better access the care and treatment available through AHS as well as the social services they need in a more timely and cohesive manner, and all in one location. Bringing together four of Alberta's key child service agencies, and the professionals who work in each of these organizations, will ensure families receive help to not only navigate the system, but to find hope and healing.

Alberta Health Services is committed to serving Alberta's communities, and in particular, children in high risk situations living within the Calgary Zone.  AHS is excited about working together with partnering agencies in this new way to help improve the care provided to patients and families.

Margaret Fullerton
Vice President
Alberta Health Services

Message from Chief Rick Hanson,
Calgary Police Service

One of the most difficult calls for police officers to investigate is that of Child Abuse. For most of us, it's hard to imagine the trauma children must feel when they suffer physical or sexual abuse, especially at the hands of someone they trust. Compounding this trauma is the confusion young victims experience when they are thrust into the adult world of investigation, prosecution and bureaucracy.

 For far too long, victims of Child Abuse have had to navigate a world that has been primarily designed to facilitate the needs of the systems that are responsible for the successful prosecution of those who perpetuate this heinous offence.   At times, this has created frustration and confusion for these victims and their families.

By merging four key agencies under one roof, the Child Advocacy Centre will provide a better way to deal with this complex social issue. Police Officers, Social Workers, Health Workers and Prosecutors will now be able to provide a service that more effectively addresses the needs of the victim without jeopardizing the requirements of an effective investigation and prosecution.  In doing so, families will be immersed in a secure and comforting environment which will better address their immediate and long term needs. The Calgary Police Service is proud to be working hand in hand with our partner agencies in the operation of this vital facility.

Chief Rick Hanson
Calgary Police Service